LGBTQ+ Podcasts We Recommend

Amy Zing – Peace, Love and Rainbows – Mother of Margate Pride, Founder of Sink The Pink, Cockles & Muscles and Margate Arts Club, Performance Curator for POW, mother to THE best boy. Her contagious enthusiasm has been a force for real change in Margate, and her influence is everywhere. She is dedicated to the LGBTQI community and is endlessly positive. Margate would be a much less interesting place without her and you should listen to her podcast.

Making Gay History – provide a roadmap to our community’s long history of resistance. Making Gay History comes back for its fifth season on June 6th with episodes focused around Stonewall.

One From The Vaults – With the trans history podcast, One From The Vaults, Morgan M. Page has created a vital resource for the LGBTQ community. Page’s exquisitely researched interviews show how the history of trans people is threaded throughout the history of the world.

LGBTQ&A – With the social and legal consequences that still come with being out today, with so few public examples of us, only a fraction of our stories are being told. And yet, some of the most important people in LGBTQ history are alive today. Our stories are the most valuable tools that we have. LGBTQ&A features weekly interviews with the most interesting and influential members of the LGBTQ community. Past guests include Jake Shears, Roxane Gay, Asia Kate Dillon, Pete Buttigieg, and Trixie Mattel. 

QueerAF which can be described as the ‘queer Newsbeat,’ has high production values. It’s put together in a mini-documentary style, with multiple guests and a regular set of reporters filing stories from across the country. Recent episodes have explored asexuality, chemsex, and what you need to know about being in a queer relationship.

The Log Books is a new way to glimpse into the past of queer life in Britain. Using real calls and an incredible archive of history from the LGBT+ Switchboard, each episode of this stirring podcast centres around logbook entries made by the volunteers who staffed the phones from Switchboard’s first day. Not only beautifully produced, but this series says so much about how Switchboard has been a vital service over the years. Grab your tissues for this one.

Queery Podcast Sit in on an hour-long conversation between host and stand-up comic, Cameron Esposito, and some of the brightest luminaries in the LGBTQ+ family. QUEERY explores individual stories of identity, personality and the shifting cultural matrix around gender, sexuality and civil rights. This interview podcast has guests of large and small, but the overriding theme is that they always have a queer story to tell. Cameron’s intro before each show fills us with the confidence each week – this is a place where discussions about our community are in good hands.

The Dorothy Project – From Lady Gaga to the Queen Mum – and queer society? This interview series, hosted by DJ and LGBTQ activist Alice Beverton-Palmer, explores the Dorothy in ‘friends of Dorothy’. We think the fresh, frank and funny interviews with an up to date the queer zeitgeist is on point here.

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